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Thursday, June 7, 2007

T-shirt illustration, stylish square typography, sexy phones and a bag to carry it in!

I started this blog with the idea that I would post one entry every day, but so far my track record is a little dismal. I was unusually busy last week at work but I have also been doing a fair amount of illustration for t-shirts.In between all that I managed to find a few things to blog about in the design world.

{a} Marimekko Handbag.
I really like the new spring line from Marimekko, particularly this one by designer Mika Piirainen.

{b} Typefaces by Mean Tangerine
These square typefaces are a gift to designers trying to put tiny type on small buttons. It's hip to be square, or so they tell me.

{c} Nokia 7380
This is by no means a new phone, but I have been drooling over it for so long I feel like it deserves a little page space. The interface of this phone is probably the pits, but I can't get over the way it looks.